Todd and Crystal left Brooklyn in the Summer of 2016 after a combined 30 years in the city to try their hand at building sustainable food systems in the Hudson Valley.


Both had very limited experience in agriculture, mostly relegated to growing tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and hops on fire escapes (when the neighborhood squirrels didn't kill everything out of spite.) Being lifetime New Yorkers, they wanted to show that world class wines could be grown in the Hudson Vally, in the context of a small, Biodynamic, permaculture-focused farm.



Friends of the Farm

Eminence Road Farm Winery
Natural Wine made in the Catskills from Finger Lakes Grapes

Uncouth Vermouth
Uncompromising local vermouths from New York

La Garagista
Alpine Wine made with care from the hills of Vermont

Old World Winery
Natural Wine from the Russian River Valley



UVA Wines and Spirits
One of the original (and still greatest) Natural Wine shops in Brooklyn



Natural Wine bar in our old hood in Brooklyn


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